On Wednesday May 23rd, my best friend and I sat in our car moping about the gloomy weather in Miami. It had been raining 2 weeks straight and we were just over it. Suddenly an idea pops in my head-- what if we go to #Chicago? Then I get an unexpected "Let's go!" So while still not taking the idea too seriously, we start looking up flights and end up finding some good deals. Next thing I know we're paying our flight, hotel and going home to pack because we were leaving the next morning! Spontaneity at its finest.

Once there on the uber to the hotel I do a bit of research for brunch and we end up at Eleven City Diner. Turned out being a really yummy and cozy spot. Plus we got treated to our meal by the manager. Bonus!

I usually like to thoroughly plan out my trips in order to maximize my time. But since we had no time to plan (and barely any time to pack, hence all my black outfits) we asked our waiter what to do next. He told us to walk by Grant Park to the Adler Planetarium. It was both our first time in a #planetarium and we surprisingly had a great time.

Disclaimer: It won't be as fun if you and your friend can't get into crazy deep talks about the universe and laugh at your insane ideas for hours. 

We then rented bikes and rode along Lake Shore Drive stopping at a few locations including Buckingham Fountain and the Willis Tower. I recommend going to the Sky Deck on a weekday because according to locals it can be a two hour wait on weekends.

The following day we had an amazing breakfast at Wildberry Pancake and walked across the street to the famous Bean. We then explored the city on foot, bike and Uber. At night we went to Cindy's rooftop bar. It was nice but a little overrated. The venue was small, the music was ok, and the drinks were overpriced considering how ordinary they were. We then went to a couple bars near by where I ended up getting my phone stolen =(

Saturday was our last full day so we decided to make the best of it despite the previous night's occurrence. We went to Giordano's to have the famous deep dish pizza and it did not disappoint! We also walked along the Chicago Riverwalk and stopped at the City Winery where many locals and tourists enjoyed the warm weather and passing of boats. We then went to the LondonHouse for some drinks while the sun set beautifully over the city. Afterwards we did a little bar hopping starting at Federales and ending up at Disco. Pretty much everywhere we went was walking distance and had great atmosphere and music.

The next morning before our flight we decided to have brunch at the Fremont. Definitely a spot to check out if you want a fun boozy brunch. Although I lost many photos along with my phone, this trip was surely fun! Check out the little recap I made with scraps of videos I was able to salvage.

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